Nyhet- Safety First in The Evolution Tower

Moscow, Russia, March 2018 – We are proud to announce that our Russian subsidiary has been awarded the contract to secure the entrances to the prestigious Evolution Tower.

A Secure Architectural City Landmark

The building, also known as City Palace Tower or Wedding Palace, had undeniably become a new city landmark and we are honoured to be selected in the project. Boon Edam Russia will be supplying 42 Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates and 13 Winglock 900 access gates within the building.

In a world now dominated by skyscraper cityscapes, the importance of a safe, yet still welcoming entrance solutions is paramount. The Evolution Tower’s 80,000 m2 office space and 36,000 m2 shopping and entertainment facilities, meant that high throughput with good security was a balance which needed to be met.

Multifunctional Centre for Everyone

Located on the Presnenskaya Embankment of the Moskva River, the twisting building began construction in 2011 and is the brainchild of British architect Tony Kettle for Kettle Collective and Scottish artist, Prof. Karen Forbes from the University of Edinburgh. The building is a true masterpiece of well-thought out spaces including 2 hectares of a landscaped public square, a 10 metre high ceremonial staircase, water features, offices and two stories of prime retail space, all connected to a metro station and bridge over the river.

The concept inspiration comes from many places including the Rodin sculpture, ‘The Kiss’ and resembles two ribbons wrapping around one another, and as a nice finishing touch, has a ballroom on the top floor. The innovative design celebrates speed, energy and the modern urban Russian city life. It is a fantastic architectural and engineering statement.

A Strong Collaboration

Projects like these involve many collaborators, and for this one we are working with the below in our quest to secure the space:

The Interior Designer: Elforma
The System Integrator: Komis
The Client: ZAO Integrator
Boon Edam Project leader: Sergey Loskutov

Coming Soon

Work has already begun on the project and we estimate completion in the Summer of 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Michelle Wortel 
Group Marketing Manager 
T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 
E :michelle.wortel@boonedam.com


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